Omnipod Update

I’ve been wearing the Omnipod pump for a week now and I am slowly allowing myself to get excited about it. It took a good 3-4 days to get on track, I had a few scary highs which was upsetting and frustrating but I have to attribute it to the fact that I started wearing the pod 2 days before Christmas and was not really following my normal eating routine…and….after 5 days on the pod, I found out I was pregnant! Yikes! So…….I can’t blame the Omnipod for the few days it took to get my blood sugars in order.

After 25 years of MDI (multiple daily injections), I am realizing how the pod can allow me to micro-manage which I think will be a big help in this pregnancy. I love that I can suspend my basal while I’m running and that I can extend the bolus amount over a few hours-this technique came in handy last week when we had a fondue party and I knew that I would be snacking over a period of time instead of sitting down to eat one meal. It worked out great. 

I also love that the pod is so easy to put on and take off; and that I don’t notice it when I’m running or sleeping. I think by the time summer comes around and I’m wearing tee-shirts instead of sweaters (though I’ll be pregnant anyway so all anyone will notice is my big belly) I will be used to the small 1/2 egg on my back-belly-arm and the sight of it won’t be a big deal. I hope. 

Anyway, I think deciding to wear the pod-pump worked out at the perfect moment and this may be my smoothest pregnancy yet…….

3 thoughts on “Omnipod Update

  1. Congratulations!! Was hoping to read good news about your experience with the pump…this is definitely good news. 🙂 Be patient with yourself while you get stabilized, once you do things will be smooth.

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