Well, I am wearing a pump. I know, the words are shocking to me too! After almost a quarter of a century, I may be done doing shots. That’s kind of amazing. Anyway, we’ll see. For now I am wearing a pump filled with saline just to try it out and so far, so good. I tried a pump seven years ago when I was pregnant with my older son Will and hated it. I hated the wires, I hated how I felt like I was lugging around a big, black box of medical equipment. It made my disease feel visible. I have been in great control for years and didn’t need a pump to get my A1C to a normal level, on MDI (multiple daily injections) I had an A1C of 5.5, so what did I need this big, bulky piece of durable, medical equipment for?

After 4 days, I took it off and swore I’d never try another pump again. Until now.

Now there is this pump called the omnipod that has no wires, is small, and cream colored. I’ve worn it running, sleeping and showering. Granted, it is winter and I am wearing sweaters but still. I stood in front of my husband, my mom, and my best friend wearing a non bulky sweater, and no one noticed. And after the first day, I began to notice it less and less. So maybe this will work. I printed out the forms and need to fax them to my dr. and then insurance needs to approve it I guess, and then we’ll see. Saline is fine but I’d like to see how a pump feels with insulin. I don’t know that my control will get any better, I’m still doing fine on my own, but who knows? It’d be nice not to shoot up 5 times a day…….I’ll keep you posted.

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