Personal Essay writing class

I just want to write a quick blog while I am still on my post-class high! Tonight was my 5th class, one more to go, and every time I come home I am jazzed up for the rest of the night. I was thinking on my drive home under an almost full moon sky, how frustrating it is because I am loving what I’m doing right now-with my MFA and teaching this class and being at home for the boys-but I’m not making any money (or hardly any money, not enough to make much of a difference). I love what I do with Literary Mama and I love what I do with The Writer Mama and these jobs fit my perfect job description….but there is the money factor. When does doing what you enjoy turn into cash? How long can I justify doing what I’m doing if it doesn’t turn a dollar?

Because I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing.

2 thoughts on “Personal Essay writing class

  1. I’ve had classes where I came home jazzed after… it’s great.
    And as far as the money thing…honestly, if this is the lifestyle you’re loving, keep going, keep networking, and don’t be afraid to let go of some of the unpaid for the paid when the opportunities arise. I think this IS a field where you have to put in the unpaid work before you can merit the paid, but just stick it out. I was in the same boat a couple of years ago, and I’ve more than tripled what I made the first year this year (without having to do translations anymore- just writing and teaching). It’s still not a lot by any means, but it’s an acceptable part-time job pay, which is what I want.

  2. You are so right Violeta, thank you! I think I’m at that stage where I am finally crossing the bridge from unpaid to paid and I need to be patient, I’m ready to drop everything and run to the other side! I’m glad that you are there because it give me hope that I’ll get there too so thank you for your encouragement!

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