Healing through writing

I am hoping to teach a creative writing class at the Center For Women here in Charleston, SC with Marjorie Wentworth (SC’s Poet Laureate among other noteworthy accomplishments!) called Healing Through Writing. Marjorie teaches a poetry and healing class at Roper Hospital for cancer patients. I was lucky enough to get Marjorie to agree to co-teach a class with me on creative writing and healing and the Center for Women in 2009.

So…hopefully everything will fall into place and I’ll have much reading and research to do to prepare…..I did find a great book called, “Writing as a way of Healing, how telling our stories transforms our lives” by Louise DeSalvo. In it, there is a great quote from Flannery O’Connor who suffered from Lupus. She describes illness as,

“a place, more instructive than a long trip to Europe, and it is always a place where there’s no company, where nobody can follow.”

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