Diabetes Health article

I just got my first query letter accepted by Diabetes Health Magazine and I am so thrilled! This is one magazine that really speaks to diabetics about compelling topics with respect and honesty. This is a magazine that is for people like me, people who don’t let diabetes define them, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to write for them. My article is called “Planning for Pregnancy,” and was inspired when I read about the Kaiser study that reported more and more diabetic women were becoming pregnant. The articles that cited the study all used scare tactics and stressed the negatives of a diabetic pregnancy. “Birth defects, miscarriage and stillbirths” were the kind of words used.

And it made me mad.

I know these researchers, nurses and doctors have our best interests at heart (I hope!), but when they use negavtive terminology over and over again to decsribe the risks of diabetes, it frustrates me. It reminds me of when I was first diagnosed and scared to death by the words, “amputations, kidney disease and blindness) I was 14 years old, who was telling me this stuff?

Now, almost 25 years later, I’m hardened by this language of fear but still, it bothers me. When it comes to chronic diseases, why not focus on the positive, the things we can do to live a healthy life? It’s called positive reinforcement.

So instead of talking about all the bad things that could happen in a diabetic pregnancy (the worst case scenarios), I’m going to write an article about how women can take to have a healthy, risk-free pregnancy to even the balance.

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