What’s at stake in my writing?

Now that I am an official MFA candidate…(as of this semester) I’m realizing that I need to create structure in my writing. Usually, when I write, I write from a place of inquiry, I write to figure things out. (Will’s anxiety, my food issues, family issues etc.etc.) By the end of the essay, I’ve usually come to a place of discovery, an ah-ha moment, but I’m realizing as I’m workshopping my writing, that the feedback I receive is always the same-what is at stake here? I am not one of those writers who before they begin writing, imagines a beginning, middle and end…I am not the kind of writer who uses a storyboard to map everything out. I am an INFP, (introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving) an Aquarian (again, an intuitive sign), I write from my gut, without planning, I think as I go. That’s why I can’t help my son with Legos, why I don’t like to follow written directions when I’m assembling a toy or a bookcase from target, I like to figure it out with my eyes and my hands.

However, when it comes to my writing, I need to figure out what my discovery is and introduce it at the beginning. I’m working on my Dreaming About Water stories, and I’m being asked to think about what is at stake, what am I trying to say with this story?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • How has chronic illness affected the way I parent?
  • At almost a quarter of a century living with diabetes, what does the future hold for me?
  • How has living with a chronic illness made me different?
  • How important is it for me to prevent my children from being different?
  • Is diabetes a crutch, an excuse to hide away from the world, to say no, to refuse challenges?

Now it’s time to get to work……

One thought on “What’s at stake in my writing?

  1. Congratulations to having a place to start because you can edit that info at anytime. It becomes very hard to write in a structured manner especially if your a “from the gut” writer. Take your time, breath and remember nothing is wrote in stone. I think what you have to start from is great. Keep up the good work.


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