Our plane is scheduled to leave at 6am tomorrow morning. If all goes well, (traveling with 14 family members, 4 under the age of 7!) by 5pm, we should be on Guana Island. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to handle my morning shot, maybe wait until the Atlanta airport? I’m not exactly sure about breakfast or lunch either, but I’ve got some Luna bars, plenty of Skittles and cash…so I’m just going to hope for the best.

I’m going to hope for more than just a few days on a tropical island…I’m going to hope for some inspiration about my future as well. I’m going to hope that a change of scenery might inspire me or maybe even give me an objective point of view about going back to work. I’m hoping a change of scenery will give me an appreciation of all that I have, of my life at home with my boys, instead of the restlessness, boredom and irritation that is weighing me down.  I know these days are golden, but I’m not sure I am able to appreciate them any more, and I wonder if that means it’s time to move on?

But maybe it’s just time for a vacation and I’ll come home rejuvinated and ready to tackle another load of laundry, that muddy hardwood floor and those dusty blinds. maybe I’ll come home filled with stories and find the time or energy to wake up early and sit at the computer and write. Maybe Guana will give me back my inspiration and the water will wash away my rough edges. Maybe…..

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