Tillie Olsen

James Mckean, My professor at Queens suggested I read Tillie Olsen’s, “I Stand Ironing,” after he read a story I’m working on about my son’s anxiety and my own. I just got the book, Tell Me a Riddlein the mail yesterday and when I sat down to read last night after a loooong day, a day where I worried about finances and my not working and my mounting education debt and the fact that I’m not making any money for my writing and maybe I should be putting this love aside…….here is what I read,

“How much it takes to become a writer. Bent…, circumstances, time, development of craft-but beyond that: how much conviction as to the importance of what one has to say, one’s right to say it. And the will, the measureless store of belief in oneself to be able to come to, cleave to, find the form for one’s own life comprehensions. Difficult for any male not born into a class that breeds such confidence. Almost impossible for a girl, a woman.” Tillie Olsen, Silences.

2 thoughts on “Tillie Olsen

  1. Tillie’s writing is absolutely wonderful–Silences, Tell me a Riddle, and Yonnondio from The Fifties. She was a wonderful person, too. I envy you, reading her for the first time.

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