Queens University of Charlotte, MFA!

Well, here is my big news: I’m starting an MFA in creative writing program at Queens University in about two weeks! Yikes! I’m so excited. It’s a low-residency program in Charlotte, NC with a great faculty. I applied past the deadline and they accepted me and in two weeks I’ll pack my bags and drive to Charlotte for a week of reading, writing and work-shopping. I’ve never been away from my boys for this long and I have about 30 books I need to be reading and I need to get my writing ready to be work-shopped and I am thrilled and overwhelmed. This is a dream come true! I am abandoning my MAT in English program which was a means to an end so that I can follow my passion. I have lusted after an MFA for years but told myself it was too late, too expensive, too everything and so I put my dreams in the closet.

Last week, in the middle of a bad cold and after spending the day in bed while my children watched tv, I knew I couldn’t return to my MAT program. I knew it wasn’t too late or too expensive for me to open the door to my dream and let them out of the closet…..Apparently I am a late bloomer and while I’m sure to be one of the older students in the program, I know that it doesn’t matter because I’m only now starting to realize that my life is constantly evolving and changing shape. I’ve given the last seven years of my life to my children and now it’s time to follow my dream. It’s not too late after all.

(And I have a husband who supports this dream…how great is that!?!)

One thought on “Queens University of Charlotte, MFA!

  1. When I was thinking about an MFA, this was one of the ones I looked at. In the end, I decided not to go that route, but I looove the low-residency option. To follow your writing dream is a fantastic decision and I’m so happy you’ve made it for yourself! CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

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