La Chance Publishing is seeking submissions….

(This is for those of you who have more than one diabetes story to share. I know I do! Submit to Voices of and to me….keep the writing juices flowing!)

Story Topics
We seek stories of your personal experience, or that of family members, friends care givers or spouses. “Voices Of” books feature true stories of literary merit and real emotional impact, stories that give insight, provide inspiration, courage and comfort to those in need.  We also seek stories which might show a lighter side of the challenge.  For examples, please visit the “Publications” page and click on “Read A Story”.

The “Voices Of” books include essays on the science of the illness under discussion by established authorities in the medical or scientific communities; therefore, we ask that those writers who do not meet these criteria avoid prolonged discussion of the medical aspects of the condition in their essays.  If you are an established authority in the science and/or treatment of one of the medical conditions that is the subject of an upcoming volume and you are interested in contributing, please contact us at


Diabetes: May 31, 2008

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