Diabetes Sisters

 DiabetesSisters Launched to Address Unmet Needs of Women with Diabetes DURHAM, NC- DiabetesSisters is a new web-based organization that focuses on the unique needs of women with diabetes.  The organization was founded by Durham, North Carolina resident, Brandy Barnes, a woman who has lived with diabetes for more than 18 years.  With a team of highly accomplished women in the field of diabetes from around the United States, the organization is breaking new ground by focusing on women’s emotional needs and the strength of the female bond.  The Worldwide Launch Party for www.diabetessisters.org will be sponsored by UNC Healthcare at the UNC Diabetes Care Center in Durham on Saturday, April 5th from 2-4pm.  All women with diabetes and their families are encouraged to attend in person or join the celebration online.  Festivities will include:

  • LIVE online chat with women around the globe who live with diabetes
  • Socializing with local women who live with diabetes
  • Free refreshments and giveaways
  • Meeting and chatting online the Founder and the regular contributors
  • Introduction of the 2009 Worldwide DiabetesSisters Weekend Retreat.        

          check it out! ds-launchpartypress.doc

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