1 Year Anniversary

Okay, so I’m about 2 weeks late but I am in the right month…

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog about writing and living with diabetes as a woman, I’d like to give away 5 free copies of the anthology, A Cup of Comfort for Writers. I have an essay in the anthology, as do a few other writing friends and it’s a great book! So, I’ll mail a copy to the first 5 people to leave a comment on this post.

Thanks for a great blogging year and Happy Reading!


7 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations and I’m still working on sending you an essay for your anthology to come. Would love to read your published work in the Cup of Comfort book, too.

  2. Happy Anniversary! As a fellow blogger and diabetic, I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring for your blog!

  3. Ahhh well, too late for the book 😉 but congrats on one year blogging!!! What a great accomplishment! I am hoping I can maintain my blog and am looking forward to my own one year anniversary!! =:~)

  4. Amy,
    I got the book in the mail today – thanks so much! I opened it to your essay right away and read it. I loved it! Although I am certainly not a writer, I could relate both to your love of reading (I’ve always got several books I’m reading at the same time!) as well as your habit of journaling. Thanks again, I’m think I’m going to be very blessed by this book!

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