Personal Essays

I think I need to clarify the kind of writing I want for Dreaming About Water. I want this anthology to be comprised of personal essays about living with diabetes as a woman. I don’t want to define what I think a personal essay is, so I’ll give you a few quotes and a list of some of my favorite anthologies. Here is a quote from Laurie Wagner’s (writing teacher) interview with Philip Gerard, author of, Creative Non-Fiction: Researching and Crafting Stories of Real Life.

Gerard said, “The big question for any piece of creative non-fiction or personal essay is , why are you telling me about this? Hopefully you’re not telling me because you just enjoy telling me, but because your words help me to understand and create meaning in the world I live in.”

Here are some words from Lee Gutkind, editor of Creative Non-Fiction, in the prologue to his anthology, Surviving Crisis, twenty prominent authors write about events that shaped their lives, “for writers, the genre of creative nonfiction is ideal for such emotionally wrenching scenarios; it demands a special, character-testing effort and challenge and, in contrast to traditional nonfiction, it invites and encourages the writer to become a character in the essay or article-to share emotions, feelings, ideas and to contribute an intellectual and often subjective substance to what can become a dangerously emotionless form.”

The following collections, anthologies represent the kind of writing that I think belongs in Dreaming About Water:


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