To self-publish or not?

There are a lot of pros to self-publishing:

  • my book will be published
  • I would have more control in the content, design, editing, marketing and promotions
  • time, I could get the project rolling now instead of having to wait! 

There are cons as well:

  • Money, I would need investment money up front
  • quality?
  • negative stereotypes of self-publishing?
  • I would be out there on my own…             

 Here are some self-publishers or POD that were recommend to me by Rosalind Joffee of, Keep Working Girlfriend!

  1. Cold Tree Press (the prettiest website in my opinion)

It seems like self-publishing is great when you have a business to promote behind the book, for when the book is almost part of a whole marketing package for whatever service you are selling. That’s where I hesitate, I don’t have a business behind DAW, I’ve got stories I want to tell, stories I want to share about living with a chronic illness. I want these stories to reach every woman who feels isolated because of her health and I need to determine the best format to do that, either self-publishing or the more traditional route.

So for the moment, I’m going to wait until I’ve received a yes or no from every health publisher I’ve submitted my proposal to and let this simmer awhile….

Okay, my friend and LM colleague Caroline Grant of Food for Thought says I need to add iUniverse to my list as a potential publisher.

2 thoughts on “To self-publish or not?

  1. I’m self-published, and I work for a POD company. My books are Young Adult novels. They are not a promotional tool for a business unless you count my writing career as a business.

    It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could not be happier with the outcome. I waited until my fifth manuscript and a filing cabinet full of rejections before I decided to self-publish. Here are two things you have to consider before jumping into the POD world:

    1. Are you a good self-promoter or are you willing to learn how to be a good self-promoter?

    2. Can you live with having primarily online distribution of your book? (Note: Bookstore availability does not mean a bookstore will carry your book)

    I know some great success stories of authors who went the self-publishing route. I wish you luck with your decision. I’ve been there, and I know how hard it is to pull the trigger.

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