Wow, I was just going through my blog stats (I am at work and bored…) and was shocked to see that my post, from Allie’s voice, about diabulimia was the most popular! hmmm…That makes me curious. It also makes me think about an essay I’m working on for an upcoming anthology about mothering and food issues and how I’ve realized that it is my children who have re-taught me how to eat.

My children (who even though feeding them occassionally fills me with guilt when I resort to-Lego waffles this morning and pizza for dinner last night!) are teaching me to taste food again, to eat slowly, to eat things because they taste good not just because they are a means to an end. As women with diabetes, food is a science, food is a system of rewards and punishments, if our blood sugar is low,we get to have some candy! Yeah! Or, if we eat something bad, like pizza, we are punished with a high blood sugar….shame!

No wonder so many of us fall into the trap of disordered eating!

So my only advice to those of you who might be reading this post because of the title, “Diabulimia” practice thinking about food from a child’s perspective, what did you love to eat when you were young? Peanut butter sandwiches or chocolate milk? Maybe even something good for you like carrots pulled from the ground? Eat slowly, eat what you like and taste your food.

Food should be enjoyed, so think like a child.

One thought on “Diabulimia

  1. If anyone reading this is, or was recently, a diabulimic and lives in Massachusetts, RI or NH, I’d like to hear your story. I’m a reporter for the Boston Globe, working on an article about this problem. You can reach me at Dembner@globe.com. Thanks.

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