Social Network Focused on Diabetes Gathers Over 2,000 People On First Anniversary, an online social network for people touched by diabetes, passes the 2,000 member mark within days of its first anniversary.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) February 29, 2008 —, an online social network for people touched by diabetes, passes the 2,000 member mark within days of its first anniversary., launched by Manny Hernandez in March 2007, reached 2,000 members. Members continue to join from all over the world, connecting with people from the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, India and Ireland among other countries.

Michelle Curtis, a mother of a child with type 1 diabetes that joined in July 2007, commented: “This site is so personable. I know I can rely on everyone here.” She added: “It is definitely a family.” As a result of its adoption by people with diabetes, the community has effectively doubled in size in the past four months.

Becoming a member of is free. After customizing their profile page, members participate in diabetes-related discussions, share their thoughts and ideas in their blog and post their photos and videos. Members also benefit from discounts on diabetes products offered by other members.

Everyone is allowed to create their own groups and invite other members to join them. Among the most popular groups that have been formed are: “Parents of Kids with Type 1,” “Pumping Our Insulin,” “Continuous Glucose Monitor Users” and “Diabetes and Women.”

Also created in early August 2007, is the Spanish-only sister site,, aimed at Spanish-speaking diabetics in the US, Latin America, Spain and throughout the rest of the world, which is nearing 300 members.

“In a world where 250 million people have diabetes, it is unfortunate that the typical diabetic does not talk with others about diabetes,” added Hernandez. “I dream of a world where, thanks to communities like, people with diabetes no longer feel alone and people without diabetes are well aware of diabetes and how diabetics feel.”

About is an online community for people touched by diabetes to connect with others in the pursuit of a healthy life through support, information and creative expression.

It was founded in March 2007 by Manny Hernandez, an Online Community Expert who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in late 2002. runs on, an online platform for creating social social networks co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini. also maintains a presence on MySpace and an active group in Facebook. Additionally, it has a YouTube channel, a Video Blog and a Spanish-only sister site, has been garnered media attention, getting featured by the Office of Minority Health, The Tuscaloosa News and the ReadWriteWeb blog, and getting mentioned on the LA Times, The Seattle Times and The Baltimore Sun.

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