Chronic Mamas

I’m working on a column for Literary Mama called, “Chronic Mamas” and am looking for guest columnists. The column will run about every other month and will focus on mothering with a chronic disease. I will write one or 2 columns and the rest will be contributed by guest columnists such as yourselves! Women who will write about the challenges of mothering within the restrictions of a disease.

Literary Mama, an online literary magazine, features mama-centric writing with fresh voices, superior craft, and vivid imagery. We are a home for beautiful poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction that may be too long, too complex, too ambiguous, too deep, too raw, too irreverent, too ironic, and too body conscious for other publications. While plenty of other online literary magazines and journals publish writing like this, none devote themselves exclusively to writing about motherhood. And while there are other motherhood-centered sites that publish some fantastic writing, they tend to stick to shorter, non-fiction pieces. At Literary Mama, writers explore ideas and emotions that may be outside the usual scope of commercial writing.

Literary Mama is written and edited by a diverse group of very talented women and is well known in the writing community. A guest column would be a great way to increase your visibility and writing platform if you are so interested… me at

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