Allies Voice: The Truth about Diabulemia

(This is part of a post written by Allie Beatty from Allie’s Voice)

Enough is enough! I’m tired of reporters and journalists contacting me about my experience with “diabulemia” only to watch them cower away from reporting to cause of the condition. I volunteer my time to give them the details of how and why. I lament about the fifteen years of my life battling the physiological punishment and mental torment my family, friends and I endured.

Does anybody realize how confusing it is to feel worse when you attempt to control a disease that cannot be controlled? Talk about a maniacal frenzy. The choice to take less insulin was an opportunity cost I anguished every day. I wanted to be free from the imminent dangers that lurked around every corner of insulin-dependent diabetes. I was tired of failing with the tools my doctors prescribed to control the untamable beast of diabetes. Is it a crime to live your life the way you feel best?

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