Elizabeth Perkins


Wow. I just read the Diabetes Forecast interview with Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds) who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 44 years old. I am so excited to have an attractive female woman with type 1 (other than Halle Berry) who appears to be willing to put herself and our disease in the spotlight! This is huge! This is the kind of female role model I’ve been waiting for for 23 years!

Elizabeth Perkins is fabulous in her role as a saucy, breast cancer survivor wife and mother in Weeds. She was also fabulous in her role as Tom Hanks’ girlfriend in Big, I’ll always remember the scene where she and Tom are jumping on the trampoline in their black tie garb! Of diabetes, Perkins says, “I’ve been absolutely petrified by the pump. I don’t know why, I think it’s a psychological thing-it seems permanent-I’m thinking to myself, I’m an actress, where am I going to wear the pump, what am I going to do with the pump? I’ll have a shunt in my body.” My thoughts exactly Elizabeth! Not to worry, you are not alone. Thanks to Carolyn Butler who wrote the story and to Diabetes Forecast for putting the kind of role model I’ve been waiting for on the cover of this month’s magazine!

So here is my plea to anyone reading…In the article Elizabeth says her next step is to advocate for diabetes and so I would love to talk to her about Dreaming About Water. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with her or with writer Carolyn Butler, please let me know!  

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