Diabetes Sisters

I discovered a new diabetes website (thanks to the great online community of women diabetics) called, Diabetes Sisters, created by Brandy Barnes. Here is what Brandy has to say about her mission:

What We Believe:

We believe all women with diabetes should have access to a healthy support system that includes peers with diabetes.  A healthy peer support system provides encouragement, empowerment, and education with the purpose of helping each woman reach their full potential in life.  An empowered, informed woman with diabetes is a healthy woman with diabetes!  

What We Stand For:

Diversity– DiabetesSisters strives to represent and include all women in a way that reflects the diversity of the population 

Encouragement-DiabetesSisters strives to provide a healthy environment for women to seek and give encouragement in their journey with diabetes 

Collaboration- In order for women with diabetes to reach their full potential we believe supportive collaboration and information exchange are essential. 

Growth-DiabetesSisters promotes the growth of womens’ spirits, souls, and intellect through supportive information exchange. 

Respect-DiabetesSisters promotes the respect of all women’s opinions, beliefs, questions, and concerns regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, background, or sexual orientation. 

One thought on “Diabetes Sisters

  1. Amy,

    Thanks SO MUCH for helping me get the word out about my site! It is so wonderful to be surrounded by so many women who are trying to achieve the same goal– helping women live happy, healthy, successful lives with diabetes. It look forward to working more directly with you in the near future– as a Type 1 Blogger on my site!

    Brandy Barnes

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