INFP personality type…

I had to take a personality type test when I filled out all my employment forms at The Citadel Writing Center recently and surprise, surprise, I am an INFP. I last took the test with Dale almost 9 years ago for our pre-marriage counseling and was an INFP. So, nothing has changed. Though I do find the questions too easy to read and to determine how my answer will define me, it is fascinating to read the results. 1% of the population is an INFP. Wow. I keep reading, and think, yes, yes, this is me! This is why I am introverted, why people think I am a snob but am really just shy, and slow to warm to others, this is why I am always with my head in the clouds, and idealistic, why I am always looking for praise and reassurance,this is why I like to work alone and get tense when it’s time for group projects, it’s all there! It’s a relief to read these descriptions about myself and think, it’s okay to be this way, this is the way I am built.

It’s also reassuring as I struggle to write my essay about careers for skirt!, and re-enter the world of graduate school and graduate assistantships (half-hearted). It’s reassuring because in the list of careers that are good for INFP’s, teaching is actually listed. So is being an “excellent writer” (William Shakespeare, Annie Dillard and Amy Tan are INFP’s) but I am more relieved to see teaching because I am so scared that I’m setting myself up for failure…….as an introvert, someone who likes to work alone, how can I get up in front of a classroom and teach?

All I want to do is write. This is what I love, why must I put it on the back burner to be practical? Why can’t I follow my dream? Can what you love be your career, or does making money from what you love destroy your love?

4 thoughts on “INFP personality type…

  1. Very good questions. Right now I’m getting kind of bummed about my writing because I also have a full-time job and trying to do it all is getting tough. Sigh. Someday my full-time job will be writing.

    And I think INFP describes me, too.

  2. I am an INFP and stumbled upon this website, i think it is interesting as to how well we can relate to the same things. Although I am not a writer, I love writing and do plan on writing a book someday. The last question on your entry left me wondering the same thing….I hope you have found your answers!

  3. I happened to find your blog and like mon I can easily relate. It gets confusing and I’m constantly asking myself if it is possible for me to pursue my dream as a career without ruining what I like about it let alone whether it is even possible to make it my job in the first place. It makes me wonder about being an INFP too, how many of us are there? The site I went to said that INFP personalities make up only two percent of the population though I’ve seen another that said only one percent of the general public were INFP. I also adore writing. It’s like a form of stress relief where I can relax and breathe.

  4. After 10 years of the creative live it is definately NOT “making money from what you love destroy your love?” Making money from what I love multiplies the love. However, seeing what I love be destroyed in the marketplace makes me sick – and doubt my future and myself. Much worse, as it’s seemingly uncontrollable external forces.

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