Allie’s Voice

If you don’t know her already, check out Allie’s Voice on Youtube. Allie is a type 1 diabetic and an advocate for diabetes and I was thrilled when I discovered her videos on Youtube. Allie is driving through Charleston on Monday and we are going to meet for lunch and talk diabetes, among other things. Allie is well versed on the science of this chronic illness, stuff that goes over my head, and sometimes controversial in her blogs and she makes me smile. I’m glad to have something like her out there fighting the good fight. I feel like I’ve spent 20 years as a diabetic in the closet, accepting what the dr’s told me to do w/out much argument (not my style!) like a sheep. In the past 3 years, I’ve been awakened and thanks to people like Allie and I am not going to sit there with my hands between my legs any longer! I’m looking forward to meeting Allie in person and talking to her about Dreaming About Water!

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