A letter from my church…

I just read your article (Circles and Stars, skirt! magazine November 2007) and wow! what a gem it is. Could we get permission to reprint it in our Grace newsletter?
You make so many good points that need to be shared.  I also celebrate your use of language. I will be borrowing one line in particular. When you mentioned all the  scaffolding you said, ‘no longer distracted by the beauty of the building’. I love it.
Thanks again for such a positive contribution that allows so many others to examine and work through all of the varied emotions that are part of the contemporary extended/blended family life.

One thought on “A letter from my church…

  1. Very nice. I’m going to Skirt! to read it now.

    P.S. How did you get your first Writer Mama column to post in its original form?! I want to do the same. (Call me a copycat. ;-))

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