Back to school….


I started classes at The Citadel last night to complete my Masters of Arts in teaching English. I also started working as a graduate student in The Writing and Learning Center. Yikes! What will happen to my writing? I’m so scared that I will be too busy with my homework and tutoring that I won’t have time to write. And then I get frustrated with myself because I sound like a “can’t do” kind of a person. Instead of charging ahead and saying, yes, I can do this, I’m worrying and thinking of all the reasons it will be too hard. Where is my personal cheerleader? In the meantime, Will’s anxiety has returned and I’m wondering if it has to do with me going back to school…..he’s hyperventilating and crying when I’m trying to drop him off and the only thing that has changed in his life is me going to to school. hmmmmm….I am excited to be back in the world of academia, my first day of tutoring is tomorrow, I’ll let you know what happens!

One thought on “Back to school….

  1. Hey Amy — I’ll be your personal cheerleader!! GO GIRL!!! Although screaming “girl” very loud on the Citadel premesis probably hasn’t been heavily favored in years… then again, I wasn’t stomping ground in Charleston during the days of Shannon Faulkner 😉 LOL Nevertheless — you inspire me. Keep it up and keep it strong!!

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