The Face of Diabetes

James S. Hirsch has written an article published in the December issue of Diabetes Health called, “Insulin: How To Restore A Tarnished Miracle“. He talks about how when insulin was first discovered, it was considered a miracle cure. But now, Mr. Hirsh, author of, Cheating destiny, Living with Diabetes says that insulin is underused by both type 1 and 2’s.  He argues for the restoration of insulin’s luster to patients and healthcare providers. Mr. Hirsch urges diabetes manufacturers to come up with a marketing plan to remind patients of insulins “glorious history and marvelous future.” Mr. Hirsch mentions an Eli Lilly  advertisement for insulin in which a bride is kissing her father with her happy groom in the back with the tagline, “Our favorite picture of insulin.”

I can’t get that image out of my head and have been googling all day, trying to find the ad, without any luck. What happened to images like that representing diabetes? Why are the current media spokespeople for diabetes actors like Wilford Brimley, and singers such as Pattie LaBelle? Where is the young bride?

Mr. Hirsch’s story has inspired me to start my own marketing campaign called,  “The Face of Diabetes, Real People” Then and Now.


     insulin2.jpg Then, and now…… amy.jpg see also……. diabetes365.jpg


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