Chronic illness and “the uncommon cold”


Today is 2 weeks with a cold. I’ve been searching/googling for information about auto-immune diseases and extended duration or resistance to the cold bug. (I should add that I am a “healthy” diabetic and have been for years) so why can’t I kick this cold? I caught it from my kids who picked it up at school and have been blowing my nose for days on end and the in-laws are coming today and need I say more?

If we diabetics are more prone to infections when we get cut, like for example when I slashed my leg on our car, wouldn’t it seem like we’d be more prone to getting infections when we get the common cold? Friends on tudiabeteshave said they always have a prescription for antibiotics on hand…..I keep thinking, like Scarlett, that tomorrow will be better, but I woke up this morning and still, nothing has changed.

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