Continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 and type 2 pregnancies

A new study conducted by Reuters health compares blood sugar levels of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes and pregnant women with type 2. This is the first study done with continuous glucose monitoring on pregnant women with diabetes and it shows that women with type 1 have a harder time maintaining steady blood sugar levels throughout their pregnancies.

“These findings illustrate just how difficult it is to maintain treatment targets for glucose levels, particularly among the women with type 1 diabetes,” Murphy and colleagues conclude.

This doesn’t surprise or interest me particularly, what does grab my attention is that the pregnant women with type 1 experience less highs and lows as the pregnancy developes. I wonder… is this because the women become more accustomed to their needs and the changes in their body as they progress, or does it have to do with changes in hormone levels or what? I know with my own pregnancies, the further along I went, the more insulin resistant I became and by the end of the pregnancies, I was giving more than double, almost triple amounts of insulin than when I’d started. So how does glucose magangement improve? 

Why complain about something that is not a problem, right? If glucose levels improve as the pregnancy develops thats good news, right? (The study also found that blood sugar levels were worse in the first trimester.) So, maybe if researchers can figure out why blood sugars improve, then they can fix them in the first trimester when good levels really matter.  

I am not a doctor but I am a woman and mother  with diabetes, and I’d like to know the answers to these important questions!!

One thought on “Continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 and type 2 pregnancies

  1. I remember reading something about this when Nicole Johnson Baker was pregnant. I think it had something to do with, in some type 1s, pregnancy stimulating the islet cells? But from what I’ve heard, lots of people experience more insulin resistance as they go along, so maybe the findings are also a product of better management/ more medical attention as the pregnancy progresses?

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