Center For Women Book Signing


Sorry for the lack of posting…I have been housebound with sick children and now I’m sick too! I did however, dope myself up with cold meds so I could attend the Center for Women’s holiday book signing yesterday afternoon. It was a great event and I got to talk with a lot of great local women authors such as: Jospehine Humphries (Rich in Love etc.), Nikki Hardin of skirt! magazine who has a very cool, art/inspiration book out called, PMS, Problems Men Started with her art director, Caitilin McPhillips, also Beth Webb Hart (Grace At Low Tide), Kelly Love Johnson (skirt! Rules for the work place) and my favorite poets-Marjorie Wentworth (SC Poet Laureate), and Carol Ann Davis (Editor of Crazyhorse and author of Psalms). I also talked with a woman named Stacey Crew who has self-published a book about organizing for new moms and Christina Katz would love her! She is totally on the ball with the whole platform way of thinking, she is a marketing pro and I’m going to pepper her with questions…

It was a great way to spend the afternoon and I was very inspired talking to these smart and creative women! (Even though I was completely dehydrated from my cold meds!)

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