Submission Guidelines

Amy Mercer is seeking personal essay submissions from women writers for her upcoming collection.

Essays should fall between 1,500 and 3,000 words and explore an aspect of living with diabetes.

The collection will cover any and all aspects of living with diabetes: from diagnosis to aging gracefully. Other possible essay topics may include: Growing up with diabetes, Diagnosis, Dating with diabetes, Diabetes at college/leaving home, Relationships with food, Exercise, Finding the Perfect Doctor, Wedding planning/marriage with diabetes, Diabetes and humor, Diabetes in the workplace, Traveling with diabetes, Starting a Family (either through pregnancy and/or adoption), Gestational diabetes, Parenting with diabetes, Dealing with complications/ Staying healthy with diabetes, and living with Type 2.

My goal is to provide diabetic women- type 1 and type 2- with a place of community while we navigate the various stages of our lives, and our diabetes.

I welcome you to submit one or more essays. For more information, or to submit, please write .

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