Back to school….

Well, the working world is not for me and I’ve decided to go back to school and finish my masters degree! Yikes! I started taking graduate classes when Will was 8 months old and continued until Miles was about the same age and then had to stop because it was too much work. And now, I’ve been stressing about what to do, whether or not to go back to work (we need the money!) and where to work and who would hire me after 6 years gone….etc.etc. And suddenly the “Universe” spoke to me and told me to finish my degree.

I’ve always regretted not finishing graduate school, (I have 35 hours and almost $20,000 in student loans and nothing to show for it.) So…..I will return to night classes at The Citadel to get my MAT in English. Yikes! More student loans and a graduate assistant-ship will allow me to avoid the 9-5 real world for a little bit longer. And then I can be an English teacher like so many other writer before me.

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