skirt! books rejection…..

Well, I’ve finally heard back from Mary Norris. It was like waiting for a pregnancy test, taking one month after month, waiting for the double lines, the positive result, never knowing when the moment would come-what would I be doing? how long would I have to wait? I saw the email in my inbox and my stomach sank. After my negative critique at the SCWW conference, I kind of knew this was coming. Mary Norris was very kind, she said she wanted to make this project work, she liked my story and my writing but that memoirs are hard and anthologies are even harder. ugh. When she encouraged me to work on building my platform I wanted to throw up. I am so tired of thinking about platform. I know she speaks the truth but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

Back to the drawingboard…….

One thought on “skirt! books rejection…..

  1. Oh…rats. One door closes and one window opens. Now where is that window…? We’re waiting. I think you are very smart in building your platform so far. And shoot, everything else takes time, so why would your platform be an overnight event? It won’t. It isn’t.

    But you are doing it, my dear. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Now, tell me what your intuition tells you to do next. There are only two words for platform: More & Next!

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