Diabetes Awareness Month


November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Here is what I want to be aware of this month:

1. Longevity, in honor of my longevity with diabetes I will: take at least one long walk on the beach, indulge in at least one long shower, read longer than 20 minutes before bed at least a few nights each week, and run longer than my ritual 3 miles every morning when I can.

2. Balance, in honor of my lifelong struggle to balanced my life with my diabetes, I will: stop volunteering for all these activities that are making my life stressful. I will learn to say no starting today. I will seek payment for the work I do, so that we can have a balanced checkbook.

3. Schedule, a doctors appointment just because. We had a rough fall with a trip to the ER for Miles’ lip (stitches) and a trip to get X-rays for Will’s wrist (fracture) and then I cut my leg and couldn’t deal with another visit to the hospital so I went home and put band-aids on when I should have had stitches, should have seen a doctor because of diabetes, and because the cut got infected and my blood sugar spiked and I had to go on antibiotics. So…..I will aim for prevention next time and schedule all the appointments I’ve been avioding.

4. Support, Today is my sister’s birthday and in honor of DAM, I will make an effort to tell her what a good job she is doing managing her diabetes, her children and her life.

5. Acknowledge, It’s been a really long time since I’ve worn one, but I will order a diabetes bracelet. Yikes.

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