SCWW Conference

Oh, it makes me sad to even look at my last post. So depressing. Lauren McKenna was a major disappointment. She arrived at my critique with a pina colada in hand. Professional? I don’t think so. She was young and blonde and too cool for the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop conference. She told me, “You’re not a bad writer.” 3 times! That was the best compliment she could give me. I don’t know what I was thinking requesting her for my critique, I got greedy seeing the name Simon&Schuster. She said anthologies are hard to sell, especially if you don’t have any “name” writers. She said the manuscript read like a memoir but that she didn’t think I had the writing skills to carry a memoir! Ouch. She did give me some constructive feedback, so I am not writing the whole experience off…. However, it was discourgaing, and humbling and negative.

I wanted to leave the conference on a good note, so I went to a workshop this morning with Mary Alice Monroe, an author from South Carolina, also the keynote speaker for the conference. She was wonderful! Totally inspiring and smart and funny and made me want to write. Isn’t that what conferences should do? Make you want to write, inspire instead of discourge? I think so. Thank you Mary Alice Monroe. I am going to amazon right now to put your books on my wish list!

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