It’s a rainy morning and I’m getting prepared for the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop this weekend. I’m very excited. I have a manuscript critique with Lauren McKenna who is a senior editor with Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon&Schuster and “America’s first paperback publisher”. Pocket publishes memoir and narrative non-fiction among many others and while I don’t think it’s the right fit for DAW, I’m looking forward to getting feedback from Ms. McKenna about my manuscript/book proposal.

I’ll also be selling my Cup of Comfort books and attending writing workshops all day, all weekend. Does that sound good or what? I’m staying at a hotel with a writing friend and will be on my own all weekend! How exciting. The last time I spent the night without my kids was last Feb? March? for the AWP conference in Atlanta. I’m really looking forward to submerging myself with people who care about writing. I’ll write about it when it’s over, hopefully I’ll have some good stories……

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