Writer Mama Contributor!


I’m excited to announce that Christina Katz of  The Writer Mama (among other things) has asked me to be a contributing writer for her WM blog! The column will be called Self Care for Mom Writers and so I’ll work this week to come up with some interesting and motivating topics for fellow mom writers about taking care of us! hmmmmm….Here’s one: schedule Daddy to draw the bath, dress the kids in jammies and read the bedtime story for at least one night a week this month. I don’t know about you, but that’s a big turn on in this house! Or a little extra time for reading…..(to fuel our mama writer brains!)

Thanks Christina!

3 thoughts on “Writer Mama Contributor!

  1. You’re welcome dear. Don’t be discouraged about the conference.

    Please write a letter right now to the president and all the members of the board of that conference and tell them that a mss. critiquer who shows up with a Pina Colada is not acceptable.

    I don’t care what time of day it was.

    And that advice should have been about your manuscript, not about you as a writer.

    That person can not assess you. Your career is in process. She can and only should asses your mss.

    Just because someone is an author doesn’t mean they’re not capable of acting like a horse’s rump

    Try to remember that it’s her bad karma, not yours.

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