I read about a new online magazine called WAHM (work at home moms) The complete magazine for work at home parents on the Practicing Writer newsletter, written by Erika Dreifus. I was immediately drawn to their magazine because I am in the middle of a crisis.

We’re almost out of money and need to figure out what to do. Does this mean I have to go back to work? Full time? Part time? can I work at home? Can I get paid to write? According to the latest statistics on working mothers, the PEW Research Center Publications (July, 2007) has found that 60% of moms want to work part-time, up from 48% in 1997.  An August 2007 article in Money&Business by Kimberly Palmer states that,

“While balancing work and family is never simple, those who have studied the issue say mothers can increase their chances of getting onto this new mommy track by choosing certain careers, partners and companies. While a handful of workplaces are making it easier for mothers (and fathers) to meld work with family, many women report that they often need to take matters into their own hands, through skillful negotiation with supervisors or, in some cases, quitting office life and starting their own business.  ( Remember the contreversy over “opting out”?)

So this takes me to the WAHM magazine. I want to work at home. I don’t want a babysitter to pick my kids up from pre-school. I’m going to read this magazine and figure out how to make this happen……

TheWAHMmagazine is a content-driven, bi-monthly, on-line subscription magazine devoted to the issues of being a work-at-home parent and is geared to both women and men as well as to any member of the work-at-home community including home-based businesses, freelancers and telecommuters.

TheWAHMmagazine is a forum and resource for those who currently are or have been full-time or part-time work-at-home-parents, and for those who may be considering telecommuting or doing other work from home as their primary or secondary business. Designed to disseminate information about the whole enchilada of being a work-at-home parent., theWAHMmagazine is about  work-at-home parenting life.  Here is some of what  you’ll see inside the pages of theWAHMmagazine.


Department features: 

  • Voices—a featured interview with a work-at-home parent, ideally a well-recognized figure
  • The Nitty-Gritty—a section devoted to work-at-home business issues
  • Parenting—well…duh.
  • Relationships—these need nurturing
  • My Time—a section devoted to relaxation, rejuvenation  and personal time
  • Health and Fitness—because sometimes our own health and fitness needs get neglected.
  • Stories from the Trenches—a section devoted to creative non-fiction and fiction that relates to being  a work-at-home parent …

 For submission guidelines, go to: www.thewahmmagazine.com/submission_guidelines.html

2 thoughts on “WAHM

  1. I don’t know if it’ll help, but you might be able to get some work through Elance. I’ve done ghostwriting, editing, and translation work from home through their service- although I gave it up when Joaquin came home- and it was a good supplement to Todd’s income. You might be a great fit for health and medical writing.

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