Cup of Comfort for Writers


Well, I had my first book reading last night! It was so exciting!!! I walked into Barnes & Noble last night and there in the front door was my name, “Amy Mercer” Writing, Discussion, Signing. There was a table covered with our books and chairs set up in front and Cassie Premo Steele, (another writer from the series) and I sat behind the table and talked about writing and signed some books! I’m so glad Cassie was there with me, I think it must be so hard to be a writer sitting there by yourself with no one coming to check out your book. Thankfully I invited my family and friends because they were about the only ones to come and actually buy a book, but it was a dream come true! A dream come true….we read some of our essay to the writer’s group that was meeting and answered questions about writing and all in all, it was a great experience. Thank you Barnes & Noble and thank you Cup of Comfort!

I should add that right before we started reading our essays to the small audience, I tested my blood sugar and was 50! Nice. So I scrambled through my bag for my Skittles and subtly shoved handfuls of candy into my mouth while I waited my turn to read. Nice.

4 thoughts on “Cup of Comfort for Writers

  1. Amy,
    Congratulations on the B&N book signing. And on the book. I meant to look into it some weeks ago when I was at B&N, but got distracted. Anyway, best of luck with sales and reviews.

  2. Yay you! How wonderful. Congrats on the reading and book, Amy. And thanks for the blood sugar reality check, too. Your blog does a great job of mixing the diabetes issue with the writer mama life — it is teaching me a lot. 🙂

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