The book blog tour.

Kara Jesella writes, “The Author Will Take Your Q.’s Now” in today’s Style section of The NYTimes about a new trend in promoting books. In the article Jesella writes,

“Bloggers have written about books since, well, the beginning of blogging. But a blog book tour usually requires an author or publicist to take the initiative, reaching out to bloggers as if they were booksellers and asking them to be the host for a writer’s online visit.”

An editor explains that promoting your book online can reach hundreds of fans while saving money. Many authors have websites and/or blogs. (Our blog, Dreaming About Water was created specifically for our anthology to reach potential readers and contributors.) 

However, the article goes on to say that it is difficult to tell how much book blog tours increase sales.

I know in the diabetes community, there are a number of great bloggers who write reviews and help to promote books such as: Diabetes Mine, Diabetes Health and….??? I’ll add more when I come across them…….who will help promote our book?

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