Thursday night my 3 1/2 year old son fell off the playground while we were at Will’s soccer practice. He’d asked me to come watch him and I said, “No, you’ll be fine by yourself, I’m going to stay right here.” A few minutes later I looked up and heard crying and ran to my child who had blood pouring out of his mouth. I ran toward him not knowing what to expect. What body part would be broken, cut or missing? When I got to him I could see that it was his lip torn open, gaping. My friend told me today that I appeared to be totally in control, almost calm. In my head I was raging. We spent 7 hours in the emergency room. 7 hours! ugh. He was so brave and the doctors were all great and Dale took Will home and Mom stayed with me and Miles till midnight so we were very fortunate. Miles is less swollen today and I know he’ll look better tomorrow and hopefully the plastic surgeon did a good enough job so we won’t notice much of a scar on my baby’s face. 

But the reason I wanted to write is of course related to my diabetes…7 hours in the emergency room by my child’s side messed with my blood sugar. My lantus was at home in the fridge so i had to have my mom stop at our house and get it and a syringe b/c I had thrown the last one out and I asked her to bring a Luna bar. So, my dinner was a Luna bar. Nice. I didn’t want Miles to see me eating because he was hungry and thirsty and we couldn’t give him any food so it didn’t seem fair. So I was sneaking a Luna bar while my child was lying on the bed with an IV in his hand and drinking an apple juice mom got from the nurses when my sugar got low during the surgery b/c it was so stressful! These are the times when diabetes really makes me sad and frustrated. With one hand I rubbed Miles arm as his mouth was sewn back together and with the other I tested my blood sugar and I thought come on, give me a break here. I didn’t have the time or the energy to be low.

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