A Matter of Life or Death

I just read the guest editorial in the latest issue of Diabetes Forecast and was really stunned. Dr. Sue Kirkman talks about a boy from Kenya named Andrew who has had type 1 diabetes for 14 years, and who at 20 years old needs a kidney transplant because he has not received good care. His body is totally wrecked by this disease.

I thought I had plently to complain about with my health care plan and all the money I have to spend on blood strips and insulin but wow, what a dose of reality. I complain about how far it seems we are from a cure and how when I was diagnosed 23 years ago, the dr.’s told me there was sure to be a cure within the next ten years and I am still doing shots, just like when I was first diagnosed. Sure, I could go on a pump, that’s a little better right? right? But look at this poor 20 year old kid from kenya stuck in an old man’s body. How fortunate are we, living here where we can choose between shots and a pump…..

The international Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child with Diabetes can be found at www.lifeforachild.org. They accept donations to sponsor a child in a poor country living with diabetes. Maybe it’ll help me to stop complaining.

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