A collection of essays

I sent my proposal in to skirt! books on June 11th and have not heard anything back. Since that time, I’ve been thinking I want to go back to my original concept of a book for women with diabetes. When I spoke with Mary Norris from skirt! books, she said the kind of memoirs they were interested in publishing were personal essay style with practical advice, “hand holding.” So, instead of a traditional memoir, I sent her my proposal according to those guidelines. But the more I think about and write this book, the more I keep going back to my original concept which was to create a collection of essays from different women living with diabetes. I think this kind of book will work better from a marketing standpoint, (20 million people with diabetes, 10% are type 1) and I think it will reach out to more people.

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza has agreed to work with me on this. She is the Literary Reflections Editorial Assistant, is a Spanish-American poet and writer. Her poetry has appeared in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Cicada and Soleado, and her book reviews regularly appear in RainbowKids Magazine. Violeta posts Bluestocking columns and Bookshelf recommendations on her website, Turn People Purple, and writes about food, family, and the writing life at her blog, Feed Your Loves. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, their toddler son and daughter, both adopted as infants from Guatemala, and their two incorrigible dogs. Violeta is a type 1 diabetic.

There are several women I’ve connected with from the online diabetes community that I hope will commit to sharing their story in this book. Women such as, Kerri Morrone from Six Until Me, and Allison Blass from Lemonade Life.

My goal is to reach out to women across the country through the online community who are living with diabetes, type 1, type 2 and/or gestational who want to share their story.

3 thoughts on “A collection of essays

  1. I would love to learn more about this. I got your blog address from Whitney Ferrall while at a meeting. Let me know your vision and I will help make it happen.

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