Diabetes Forecast’s take on eating disorders

As happy as I am to have my essay in the latest issue of DF, I was disappointed when I read, “Dangerous Combo, Eating Disorders And Diabetes” in the Practical Living section of the August issue. (I also thought it was strange that rocker Bret Michaels is featured on the cover of both DF and Diabetes Health this month…coincidense?) The eating disorder article spends most of the time defining the different types of eating disorders; bulemia, anorexia, and binge eating. There’s a total of about 5 paragraphs that are dedicated to diabetes and eating disorders, and the author writes a mere 2 sentences about omitting insulin, ie: diabulimia, a dangerous disorder that needs every bit of media attention it can get. (The author of this article never even uses the term diabulimia.)

 The study I reference in my “Diabetes and Eating Disorders” post found that young women with diabetes are 2 times more likely to have some sort of disordered eating. This very important issue was dumbed down in Diabetes Forecast.

“Diabetes is such a set-up for eating disorders. People must be conscious all the time of what they eat, then they feel guilty for straying from their diet plan,” says Margaret Wilkman, RN, MPH, CDE from Duke University.

I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but I really believe DF is not targeting the very important market of young women. I don’t know their subscriber numbers, how many of their readers are people under 35 for example, but with 450,000 some subscribers, they have a great opportunity and responsibility to raise awareness of these issues. (Remember it is women who are the majority of book and magazine buyers!)

One thought on “Diabetes Forecast’s take on eating disorders

  1. This is disappointing…and yes, I agree that they’re not being of service to young diabetic women by glossing over this.

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