Cup of Comfort for Writers

I just got an email from my first publicity assistant with instructions on how to plug A Cup of Comfort for Writers! I was one of 2 writers on the edge of being cut so I am relieved to know I made it! The book of essays, mine is called What Makes me Whole, will be published on August 14th. There are about 54 writers from all over the country and we are encouraged to work as a team if possible, and to have group signings. There are instructions on radio/TV interviews and book reading/signing suggestions and I am very excited!

 I can’t wait to email Bill Thompson, the book and entertainment editor from my local paper, The Post and Courier, (where I used to write book reviews) for his address so the publicity assistant can send him the press release. I can’t wait to stand behind one of the tables at Barnes and Noble as an author instead of just a customer. Even though I know that I will most likely be standing there feeling awkward as the customers walk by me without stopping, or look in the other direction because they know why I’m there and they are embarassed that I’m alone behind the table, I won’t mind. I will be so happy to be there. I know I’m getting somewhere, and I feel very proud.

I just completed my Platform writing class with the wonderful Christina Katz of Writers on the Rise and Writer Mama, and so marketing The Cup of Comfort book is perfect timing. I know that this will give me great practice for when it comes time to promote my memoir, Dreaming About Water. It’s coming, I can feel it.

4 thoughts on “Cup of Comfort for Writers

  1. Hi Amy,

    Congrats! This is very exciting. I just read a quote from Anna Quindlan…she said, “I don’t do book readings because I’m a writer, I do them because I’m a reader.”

    And I just sat next to Jodi Picoult as she signed mulitiple titles for her fans. I’d say the word that described her was gracious and friendly. “Just keep reading,” she said to one fan.

    I know you will be terrific at your public events. And what a great stepping stone to selling your book!

    🙂 C

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