Blind Faith and Reading

 I’ve been feeling like I’m going on blind faith with my writing. The more I write about growing up with diabetes, the more I remember and the better the story gets (or so I think.) And in the meantime I’m sending out queries and submitting to places and sometimes it feels like I’m going on just plain Blind Faith. How do I know that what I’m writing is any good? How do I know that the hours I spend, the hours, the days and now the months…..will result in a book? I just have to believe and keep going.

 I did my first reading last week at the Monday Night Blues in the East Bay Meeting House (cafe and bar) of downtown Charleston. There were a group of us from the SCWW reading creative non-fiction and poetry. Marjory Wentworth, our poet laureate was there, and there was a good crowd. I read part of my first chapter from, Dreaming About Water and as I stood there, under the lights, with my mouth to the microphone and Charley (my step-dad) running after Miles who couldn’t sit still while Will sat in a chair quietly and listened, I knew this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

I went back last night and did another reading for Literary Mama in honor of Mother’s Day. I read an essay that was published on LM last year about growing up as a reader and reading to my boys. The essay is called, “The Birth Of Readers.” Stephanie Hunt, a local freelance writer and fellow editor at LM also read her non-fiction. Mom and Will came with me and we snuck out after 9pm so I could get Will to bed and Ellie Davis, a local poet and the founder of Monday Night Blues, came out after us to talk. She asked if I had a card (I don’t) and said she’d love to feature me, my stories, my writing, at an upcoming Monday Night Blues! She gave me all kinds of positive feedback and I walked to my car between my mom and my son, feeling so high.

 I was out in the open reading my stories and people liked them and I could really see … I am no longer blind.

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