Target Audience

In my platform building class with Christina Katz I am thinking about how to reach my target audience. I want to write an article for Seventeen magazine about how to tell your friends about your chronic disease. I remember this being an issue for me in high school. “I’m diabetic” or, “I have diabetes” I didn’t like the sound. I didn’t like walking to the dining room by myself for breakfast because none of my girlfriends ate breakfast. I didn’t like having to worry about what we’d have for dinner because it was almost 9pm on a Saturday night and no one else was thinking about food.

I imagine these issues are still relevant for young women with diabetes today, but I don’t know any teenagers. I spent a few hours this morning calling the different diabetes centers in our local hospitals and trying to convince the “Diabetes Educator” to let me talk to a support group. Confidentiality keeps getting in my way. They’ve agreed to let me drive over with a flier for them to hand out to their teenaged patients. What can I write on the flier so I know they’ll call? How can I get a hold of these kids? I want o ask them questions and find out how much has changed since I was their age. Since my memoir is aimed at them, I want to make sure they’ll buy the book.

5 thoughts on “Target Audience

  1. Hi Amy, thanks for your submission form. I will put up your blog asap. I also write a blog about living with diabetes called Lemonade Life. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I hope it gets published soon! 😀 -Allison

  2. This is a great idea. I would just write what you’ve described–you’re writing a memoir, you have diabetes, and would like the experiences of teenagers who are currently living with diabetes.

    I am a fellow class member!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I’m one of your students in the Writing Short Stuff class. Diabetes and teens sounds like a wonderful idea. You can even try reaching guidance counselors. They’re a great link to high school students. In regards to the flyer, you can try posting celebrities since many high school students love celebrity life. You should definitely emphasize that the participants will be featured in Seventeen magazine. They’ll love that. You can also paste images of different accessories used during your adolescence and now. It will emphasize the cross-generation theme. I hope this helps 🙂 Best of luck to you and of course plenty of hugs 😀

  4. Hi Amy,
    I’m one of your students in the Writing Short Stuff class.
    I think that’s a wonderful idea.
    You can try reaching teens through guidance colors too. They’re great links to high school students.
    In regards to the flyer, you can try adding images of celebrities (since so many teens are celebrity driven) and of different accessories from your generation and their own (that will depict the cross generation theme). Lastly, try emphasizing that the participants will be part of a Seventeen magazine article. They’ll love that.
    I hope these suggestions help.
    Best of luck to you 😀

  5. Amy,
    I think this would be a great article. I rarely “came out” with my diabetes to people until they really knew me well and I was less likely to get those typical (read: awful) reactions people tend to offer.
    As to the audience…given the time of year, how about getting in touch with some teen Diabetes Camps counselors?

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