Ready, Set, Jump

It’s Easter weekend and my sister just had her second baby and the boys are on “Spring Break.” Springtime in The South, and our car is covered in pollen, my head has felt thick and my eyes are itchy and swollen. But it’s beautiful, the azaleas are in full bloom and purple wisteria hangs from the trees sending sweet smells through the air when the wind blows. I’m waiting to hear back from my third and final proofreader before I start sending out my query letters for Dreaming About Water. I feel like I’m on the brink of something, like I’m standing at the edge of the high dive, looking over, scared to jump.

I’ve been re-reading my old journals, trying to put myself back in the time frame of adolescense. I’m reading Mary Karr’s memoir Cherry, and it’s time to jump. I’m ready to start writing but I’m scared too, scared to go back to that time in my life that was painful and careless and thrilling. Scared to be submerged in my diabetes. I’ve spent my life putting my disease in the background and I’m scared to see it, feel it, taste it front and center.

3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Jump

  1. My new friend at the dog park where I take our puppies to frolic in the morning is an amputee. The cause? Type one diabetes.

    My daughter’s pre-school teaching-assistant’s mother-in-law has been fainting because of her diabetes (not sure which type). Which means that she or her husband must be home with her at all times. Wow, majorly challenging for immigrant parents with two kids trying to make a decent living.

    Would you please hurry up and write the darn book? Your audience is waiting….

    Some writers think that writing involves a lot of loafing. I couldn’t disagree more. Writing involves a lot of writing.

    Besides how many moms do you know who do a ton of loafing?

    That’s what I mean!

    No. Writing involves diving in whether or not the water is too cold and pumping your arms and legs as fast as you can in hopes that you will either get somewhere, start having fun, or warm up.

    Thinking about writing CAN be productive. But usually in short spurts followed by long spurts of writing. At least in my experience.

    Hope you have enjoyed this small kick in the tuckus.

  2. Christina,
    Thank you! I love it, the audience awaits! Don’t worry, I am writing in between Easter egg hunting and life in general. I just wish there were more hours in the day……

  3. Amy,

    I love your blog and look forward to learning more about your journey in Dreaming About Water. It will positively impact the lives of those who have the disease as well as their families and friends.

    I am also touched by the honest expression of your emotions as you venture into this project. I have one word for you: Jump! You are an engaging author and have so many experiences and insights to share!

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