Getting What You Wish For…..


I got an email at the beginning of the week from author, Rachel Safier of “There Goes The Bride” asking to interview me for her latest book called, Boy Meets Girl (Adams Media, Valentine’s Day 2008). Rachel read an essay I wrote for Literary Mama called, “The Birth of Readers”( in which I mentioned meeting my husband on a blind date. Reminiscing with Rachel about that time in my life which now seems so long ago, gave me a fresh perspective on a few things…

I’ve been feeling very stressed out and anxious lately about wanting to write my book and never feeling like I have the time. I’ve been short and grouchy with my boys and feeling like a bad mother. I just want some time to myself to sit at the computer and write! ugh.

Talking to Rachel this morning about meeting my husband after feeling like I would never meet the “right” person made me realize that this too, is going to happen. I am going to write this book. Rachel also offered to give me the names of some agents and editors which made me remember the importance of making connections in this writing business and helping others.  

(I am sitting here at my lap-top and the boys are playing quietly.) Sometimes, you get what you wish for…..

Thank you Rachel!

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