one of millions


In a statistic search for my book proposal, I came across an interesting number: 81% of people think they have a book inside of them. 81%! It’s a humbling number. 

I like to think of myself as unique, I like to think I have an important story to tell. Can it be possible that only 19% of people don’t have a story they want to put on paper? Am I one of millions instead of one in a million?

This book has been growing inside of me like baby waiting to be born. When I try to think back to the initial “conception” of “Dreaming About Water” it’s difficult to pinpoint. Did the idea start brewing early in my diagnosis, 21 years ago, when I saw my first copy of Diabetes Forecast and cringed? (There was nothing for me in those pages.) Did the idea become stronger when I started training for my marathon and was looking for books about diabetic athletes, or even diabetics who were involved in more than just “walking”? (Which was the recommended exercise in DF.) Did I become aware that I had a story to tell when I was trying to get pregnant, and was met with limited resources for diabetics? When I published my story, “Dual Diagnosis” in the September 2006 issue of Skirt! magazine, I was thrilled with the positive feedback, and knew I had a story to tell.

I will ignore the numbers. I will write my book and send it out and hope for the best.

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